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How do we hire for an unanticipated/emergency work assignment?


There may be occasions where academic units need to hire a TA/SL unexpectedly (i.e.: illness, resignation, withdrawal of successful candidate). In some cases, academic units have the ability to fill a work assignment without posting:

Unit 1  -  11.02 (c)

Some Tips about Work Assignment Postings

Be mindful of:

  • Faculty must be offered courses on overload prior to making them available as SL assignments.
  • What is and is not CUPE 3913 bargaining unit work (see Article 2 or consult with the appropriate College Manager). Non-CUPE 3913 work must not be posted through this system. For example, do not post work assignments held by:
    • Retired faculty teaching a course; or,

Semesterly Report of Work Assignments

Unit 1: 11.02(d);

Unit 2: 11.06(d)

Following completion of the hiring process, the Department shall make available electronically in the Department, a summary of all semester work assignments indicating the course and employee(s) assigned to the course. The summary shall be made available no later than immediately following the second pay of the semester.


The Semesterly Report of Work Assignment report must be made available electronically. The reports are found in the Job Editor's Inbox:


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