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How do we hire for an unanticipated/emergency work assignment?


There may be occasions where academic units need to hire a TA/SL unexpectedly (i.e.: illness, resignation, withdrawal of successful candidate). In some cases, academic units have the ability to fill a work assignment without posting:

Unit 1  -  11.02 (c)

Some Tips about Work Assignment Postings

Be mindful of:

  • Faculty must be offered courses on overload prior to making them available as SL assignments.
  • What is and is not CUPE 3913 bargaining unit work (see Article 2 or consult with the appropriate College Manager). Non-CUPE 3913 work must not be posted through this system. For example, do not post work assignments held by:
    • Retired faculty teaching a course; or,

Can a Department Cancel a Posting?

Canceling Courses

There are circumstances in which canceling a course may incur costs. The decision to cancel a course once it is posted must take into consideration the following: 

  • Is it a Unit 1 (TA) or Unit 2 (SL) work assignment? 

  • For Sessionals, has an offer to exercise a Right of First Refusal (RoFR) been extended (i.e., when the posting went live) and the timeline provided to respond expired? 

  • For Sessionals without RoFR, has an Offer of Appointment been issued?


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