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Connect with Others & Get Involved!

Getting Connected & Summer Events

Stay connected over the summer. We’re going to help you get ready for your second year.  

START at U of G 2020-2021 (Class of 2024) 

This group on Teams will continue from last year! Check this team for events, other students who are in your classes, finding housemates, and so much more!   

Summer Events  

Let’s start off second-year on the right path! Join us for summer events on academics, wellness, getting involved, and finances. Here’s what’s coming up: 


SHINE is a 7-session interactive workshop series intended to help participants learn skills to boost their overall well-being. Topics include mindfulness, gratitude, and self-compassion. Previous participants report feeling more hopefulness, a greater connection to resources and the UofG community, and a greater sense of well-being after participating in the program. There are currently 2 series being offered; one specifically for LGBTQ2IA+ students, and one open to all students. Interested students can register for an upcoming session on or email for more information.   

  • LGBTQ2IA+ session: June 8 – June 29; 12:30 – 1:30 PM; Bi-weekly on Tuesdays & Thursdays   
  • General 1: May 31 – June 21; 1:00 – 2:00 PM or 7:30 – 8:30 PM; Bi-weekly on Mondays & Wednesdays  

The Body Project 

The Body Project is an educational workshop that aims to promote positive body image, reduce body shaming, and encourage folks to accept themselves as they are. Each workshop involves two, two-hour sessions. Upcoming workshops are posted on 

Learning Specialist Appointments 

Students can book appointments throughout the spring and summer to meet with a learning specialist. These appointments can help with: 

  • Practicing presentations and receiving feedback 
  • Identifying strategies for staying motivated, managing time and reducing procrastination 
  • Developing and refining strategies for notetaking, reading, and preparing for exams 

Orientation Week - The Second Year Experience 

Loved Orientation in first year? Didn’t get to attend all the events you wanted to? Don’t worry! Orientation Week 2021 will include plenty of activities and events catered to second years. Keep checking your email and throughout the summer for updates! 

Want to get involved with Orientation Week as a volunteer? Sign up here.   

Re-START International Orientation: supports returning international students’ transition in Guelph and Canada while making new connections. We understand that you may be in Guelph for the first time, and moving to Canada can certainly be a big change. The International Student Office at the University of Guelph is here to support you. We will keep you posted about Re-START International Orientation! 

Fall Programs - Mentorship  

Want to connect with an upper-year student mentor as you begin second year? Check out these options:   

  • Academic Action Program: For students in all years who would like to enhance their academic potential. Students meet with their academic coach, a trained upper-year student or staff member, throughout the semester. Support is tailored to each student’s needs, but often focuses on setting goals, staying motivated, reducing procrastination, and making academic transitions. Sign up in September or email for more information.  
  • The Student-Athlete Mentor (SAM) Program: For student athletes, the SAM program is tailored to their unique needs, which improves academic performance. The program provides a supportive environment for student athletes where they connect with mentors, upper-year student athletes who are empathetic, open-minded and trained to assist and refer on academic, athletic, and personal topics.     
  • CORE (Creating Opportunities for Racial Equity) Mentorship Program: Pairs BIPOC students in the second year and above with a BIPOC faculty or staff member at U of G or a community professional in an area of interest to the student. CORE intends to support academic success and retention, and social engagement and networking by helping students navigate barriers and challenges they might experience and build skills that will support them in achieving their academic and professional goals. Contact Alexis Charles (she/her), Coordinator of Cultural Diversity Programs at for more information.   
  • Conversation Partners Program: The Conversation Partners Program is for students who wish to be paired with a volunteer to practice and improve their spoken English. You can sign up for the program here from June – September.   
  • LINK Program: The LINK Program connects new international students with current Guelph students to help ease the transition into Canadian culture and life at the University of Guelph. This is a great way to get involved in your new community! Students can sign up from June–September here.  
  • USHINE: USHINE is a peer-to-peer mentorship program where participants can get 1-on-1 support from a trained peer mentor while they work towards building healthier habits of their choosing. Participants will set and work towards goals related to any area of their health and well-being. For more information or to sign-up, email    

Need help choosing? Email

Community & Getting Involved

Being a Gryphon means getting involved. With the university planning to have a more vibrant on-campus experience in the fall, you might be thinking… How can I make friends? How should I get involved on campus or in Guelph? Where do I start?  

Before then, here’s some ideas for how you can plan to get involved on campus: 


Did you know that the University of Guelph has 100+ clubs? The Club Directory provides a comprehensive list of clubs that are currently available at the University. If nothing is catching your eye, you can form your own club! CSA Clubs outlines how you can form a new club here. 

Gryphons Read 

Gryphons Read is your university book club. This program encourages University of Guelph students from every discipline and around the world to connect through reading and conversation. Whether you love reading or you’re interested in meeting new people, Gryphons Read is for you. This year’s book is Vivek Shraya’s The Subtweet, a novel that explores friendship, the music industry and identity in our contemporary Canadian landscape. To register for the program and receive your FREE copy of The Subtweet, please fill out this short form here. 

Please direct any question or concerns about the program to  

Jobs & Volunteering  

Some students work while studying at U of G. You can earn while you learn! Throughout the year, on- and off-campus job opportunities are posted on Experience Guelph. As a new student, you gain access to Experience Guelph around the first week of September.   

Work Study program  

Work Study is a part-time job program to assist students with demonstrated financial need meet their educational costs by working part-time during their registered term. This program is available for eligible students after the approval of a Financial Need Assessment form. To determine if you are eligible for the Work Study program, look at the Student Financial Services’ information on the Work Study programFinancial Needs Assessment Forms are now available for the fall and winter semesters. Submit the form to Student Financial Services to apply for an in-course bursary or for approval for the Work Study Program.  

Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) program 

The Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) program is a competitive program that provides summer research opportunities to undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need. Students gain invaluable research experience working under the direction of U of G faculty and may expand their knowledge and understanding of their current field of study. 

Undergraduate Student Research Award program   

The Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) program is meant to nurture your interest and fully develop your potential for a research career in the natural sciences and engineering fields through full-time summer employment.  

Indigenous Undergraduate Research Assistantship (IURA) 

The Indigenous Undergraduate Research Assistantships (IURA) are meant to stimulate First Nations, Métis and Inuit students' interest in research and to encourage students to consider pursuing graduate studies. The students will gain research experience, further their insight into their field of study, work with faculty and learn the value of a graduate degree. You can learn more about this program here

Co-operative Education 

Co-operative Education is an opportunity available for students registered in a co-op degree program. Guelph’s co-op programs integrate academic studies with related work experience. Co-op students complete paid work terms alternated with academic semesters throughout your degree following a sequence-specific to your academic program.


Volunteering is a big part of the U of G student experience. Gryphons volunteer for many reasons: to connect and engage with their community, help others, develop a social network, explore career options, gain valuable experience for their resume, or build job-related skills. 

Interested in starting your volunteer journey in Guelph? Student Volunteer Connections (SVC) is your on-campus volunteer hub! The SVC team can help you explore volunteer opportunities in the community and beyond that fit your interests, academic and career goals, and availability. Connect with them today at

Experiential Learning 

In the EL Hub, we want to connect you to experiential learning opportunities (such as research, community-engaged learning, field courses and hands-on electives) to help you develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes you'll need for life after graduation. Visit our website to learn more about experiential learning and check out opportunities. 

Email to set up a meeting to chat about for-credit and not-for-credit experiential learning opportunities relevant to your interests, program, or goals for after graduation. Stay in the loop about events and deadlines by signing up for our weekly e-newsletter

Tips from our Upper Year Students 

  • Find at least one club on campus that you are interested in. This can be a great way to meet other students that share similar interests! 
  • Follow U of G social media accounts! This is how I stay up to date on current information and events that I may want to attend! 
  • Set one single goal for yourself to complete before graduation, even if it is something silly! It will give you something to work towards other than your academics. Personally, mine was to wear the Gryphon mascot costume for a campus event. I accomplished that goal in third year and now I have an amazing experience I’ll never forget. 
  • It is okay if you did not meet your ‘forever friends’ in first year. There will be a lot of opportunities to meet other students and find a sense of community throughout your time at U of G. I did not meet my friend group until my third year – but now I could not imagine life without them! 
  • Have an ‘open mind’ mentality! You will learn the most about yourself when you are pushed outside of your comfort zone. 

Looking for Connection for Your Identity or Experiences?

International Students 

International Student Experience (ISE) supports development and learning needs of undergraduate and graduate international students. If Fall 2021 will be your first semester on campus or living in Canada, you may be worried about what that experience will look like. We know that it can be challenging to leave your home, family, and friends for a new community, and enter a foreign climate and culture. We are here to help you find your place on campus, manage the transition in a healthy way, and make being away from home easier.  

What does international student life look like in Guelph and in Canada?  

Are you looking for a step-by-step checklist on what to do to prepare for your arrival and what to do once you arrive in Canada? The “Get Prepared: A Guide for International Students Before You Arrive” handbook is perfect for you. It includes a lot of important information you need to know while preparing for this exciting journey!    

Did you finish reading the Handbook, but are still looking for more resources and support?  Check out International Student Experience's website.   

Looking to get involved? Check out International Programs and Services here or follow “International Student Connections” on GryphLife to stay updated with our events and programs!  

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Students 

The Indigenous Student Centre (ISC) provides resources for First Nations, Inuit and Métis student and offers programs and services to support your transition to university life. The ISC is your connection to the U of G Indigenous community, including other new and upper year students, and the ISC staff who are available to support you throughout your journey at U of G.  

Be a part of the virtual community for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Students on Microsoft Teams. Within the community, you can connect with other new and upper year Indigenous Students, get to know the ISC staff, and access programs, services and activities that are available to you. 

The Indigenous Student Society is your student club on campus. Check them out on and on Instagram at @uog_iss.     

Looking to connect? Email your Indigenous Student Advisor, Natasha Young, at

You can also follow us on Instagram at @UofGuelphIndigenous. 

BIPOC Students 

The University of Guelph is a place where students are encouraged to celebrate their many identities, build community, and learn from each other. Here are some of our student groups that provide resources, support and social opportunities for BIPOC students:   

  • Caribbean Culture Club: a student group aimed at connecting with various generations of Caribbean students and those interested in learning about the rich Caribbean culture and histories.    
  • Guelph Black Students' Association: a student group focused on issues of diversity, race, and other significant factors relevant to the lives of students of colour.    
  • Queer and Trans People of Colour (QTPOC): a student group specific for building community amongst Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour who are queer and transgender.    
  • Muslim Students' Association: a student group serving the Muslim community on campus through social and religious events organized to give the opportunity to learn and discover Islam.    
  • Indigenous Student Society: a student group serving First Nations, Inuit and Métis students. The ISS strives to increase awareness of Indigenous affairs and provide social activities, resources, and peer support.  

This list does not include every cultural and identity-based student club at the University of Guelph! Be sure to explore GryphLife for more information about the various clubs and communities here on campus.     

If you would like your email added to the Cultural Diversity Office newsletter to receive information about BIPOC community and events on campus, please email  

LGBTQ2IA+ Students 

The University of Guelph has several student groups who provide resources, support, and social opportunities for LGBTQ2IA+ students:   

  • OUTline: a confidential support and resource service for individuals with questions relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, online chat and other in-person support programs.   
  • Guelph Queer Equality (GQE): a student group aimed at building community through social events, and events and offering resources to students.   
  • Queer and Trans People of Colour (QTPOC): a student group specific for building community amongst Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour who are queer and transgender.   
  • Queer Christian Community (QCC): The Ecumenical Campus Ministry offers QCC for students who wish to explore the intersection of Christian faith and their LGBTQ+ identities.   
  • Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity (GRCGED): a feminist group and community space dedicated to promoting diversity and equity through education, advocacy, resource provision, skill-building, outreach, and community building. 

Looking for more support?  

Connect with our Sexual and Gender Diversity Advisor by emailing If you'd like to book a meeting directly with Jarred, click here.   

Students of Faith or Spirituality 

Multi-Faith Resource Team (MFRT)  

The Multi-Faith Resource Team (MRFT) celebrates diversity, promotes understanding, encourages harmony, and fosters spiritual growth at the University of Guelph. The team includes representatives from diverse faith communities, working together and within their own faith traditions to meet the religious and spiritual needs of students.    

The MFRT consists of the following faith communities:   

If you are a student of faith, or even if you are just interested in asking questions about meaning and purpose, you can email or visit the Multi-Faith Resource Team in Raithby House, right beside the Cannon.     

Transfer Students 

Have you joined the University of Guelph community after spending some time at another post-secondary institution?  Welcome to the Gryphon Family! We hope you are ready for this next step in your academic journey.  

The key to a successful first year at the University of Guelph is engaging with the campus community and reaching out to resources available to you to help you achieve your goals.   

Here are some of the resources available to assist you as a transfer student:   

  • START at U of G 2021-2022: Connect with other transfer students in the virtual hub over the summer. Email if you'd like to be added to the Transfer Student group.   
  • Check out GryphLife in September. U of G hosts frequent transfer and mature student events to give you many opportunities to connect with others who might have a similar educational journey to you and learn about relevant resources.   
  • Living off-campus? Check out information here: Off-Campus Living.  

Want to chat with someone about starting at U of G as a transfer student? You can book a meeting with the New Student Advisor, Andrea Pape, by emailing

Off-Campus Living  

Some students commute from other cities, some students live with their families in and around Guelph, and many students are living and renting independently in Guelph.   

If this is you, you will have a virtual community called Gryphons Nest this fall. Click here for more info.  

Would you like more support with off-campus living? The Off-Campus Living (OCL) Office exists just for you! Here are some additional resources available to you as a U of G student: 

  • Ask questions about living off campus or commuting to Off-Campus Living, including rental living resources, tenant rights, community, and more. Email OCL at     
  • OCL also runs events for commuters and off-campus students throughout the year, with the Commuter Engagement Team. Email the Commuter Engagement Team at and they will add you to a list of students they contact during the year about events.   
  • OCUS, the Off-Campus University Students club, also runs social events and has a lounge room in the University Centre building. Email OCUS at or follow them on Instagram @guelph_ocus86.  

Questions? Want to Chat?

In every section on this page, there are resources and supports you can connect with.  

If you don’t know where to start, connect with a Student Experience Specialist! The Student Experience Specialists are knowledgeable about a wide range of programs and services and can assist you in getting the help you need. Click here to book a meeting with a Student Experience Specialist.