All GR64s are equipped with Conviron CMP4000 series controllers. Data logging is available for environmental conditions (temperature).

Growth Area: 5.9 m2 (64 ft2)

Growth Height: 203 cm (80")

Growth Capacity: 11,980L (420 ft3)

Temperature range:

  • Lights OFF 5 - 25C
  • Lights ON 15 - 35C 

Combination of T8 fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Light levels depend on distance of plant canopy from the lamps, the age of the lamps, and the temperature in the chamber. An independent light sensor is available from the Coordinators if you wish to check your light levels during an experiment.

Relative Humidity: Additive humidity not available in GR64s

Five GR64s are available in the Phytotron. One GR64 designated as the "Cold Room" can reach 5C with the lights on. One GR64 is located in the "Pathogen Suite" and reserved for researchers working with plant viruses. One GR64 is designated as the "Tissue Culture" room. The Tissue Culture room is equipped with shelving and lighting appropriate for tissue culture work and is adjacent to a small lab area with a laminar flow hood.

For More Information

Monitor the conditions of your GR64 room

Download a guide to using GR64 rooms