All PGC20s are equipped with Conviron CMP5000 series controllers. Data logging is available for all environmental conditions (temperature, relative humidity, light levels, and carbon dioxide).

Growth Area: 1.9 m2 (20 ft2)

Growth Height: 157 cm (62")

Growth Capacity: 3115L (110 ft3)

Temperature Range:

  • Lights OFF 4 - 40C
  • Lights ON 10 - 40C 

Combination of T5 fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps use dimming ballasts and a quantum light sensor for precise control of light levels in the chamber. 

Light Range: 0-1125 umol/m2/s @ 15cm from canopy and 25C 

Relative Humidity: Additive humidity and dehumidification are both available, but temperature dependent. Consult with Phytotron Coordinators

Carbon Dioxide up to 3000 ppm. Below ambient concentrations (< 350 ppm) are possible, but require special set up. Consult with Phytotron Coordinators 18 PGC20s are available in the Phytotron. Two of the 18 use T8 fluorescent and incandescent lamps and have the ability to reach 4C with the lights on.

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Download a guide to using PGC20 chambers