All PGV36s are equipped with Conviron CMP5000 series controllers. Data logging is available for environmental conditions (temperature, relative humidity, light level, and CO2 concentration).

Growth Area: 3.3 m2 (36 ft2)

Growth Height: 204 cm (80.25")

Growth Capacity: 6700L (240 ft3)

Temperature Range:

  • Lights OFF 4 - 45C
  • Lights ON 10 - 45C

Combination of T5 fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps use dimming ballasts and a quantum light sensor for precise control of light levels in the chamber.

Light Range: 0-1125 umol/m2/s @ 15cm from canopy and 25C

Relative Humidity: Additive humidity and dehumidification are available, but temperature dependent. Consult with Phytotron Coordinators.

Carbon Dioxide up to 3000 ppm. Below ambient concentrations (< 350 ppm) are possible, but require special set up. Consult with Phytotron Coordinators.

Four PGV36s are available in the Phytotron.

For More Information

Monitor and download your PGV36 data

Download a guide to using PGV36 chambers