Dedication Trees

flowers on a tree

Many of the trees within The Arboretum's collections are available for dedication. Interested donors should meet with The Arboretum Director or designate in selecting a tree for their dedication. A dedicated tree will be cared for in perpetuity and would be replaced if it dies so the dedication is maintained.

Each dedicated tree will have at its base an engraved, black, anodized 3"x 6" aluminum plaque mounted on an aluminum stake. These plaques have space for an eight line inscription with approximately 35 characters (including spaces) per line. Other larger plaques are also available at an extra cost.

example photo of a memorial tree plaque with bouquet of flowers

The present cost of a dedication tree (effective May 2006) is $2,000 and may be paid over a two year period. Donations of $1,000 or more made in one calendar year are acknowledged by the University of Guelph through membership in the President's Council.

Fifty percent ($1,000) of the donation for a dedication tree is added to The Arboretum Endowment Fund to ensure perpetual care of the tree.

For further information, please contact Shelley Hunt at 519-824-4120, ext 52356 or