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kids watch the underwater life of a stream

Check out this fun quiz and see if you can get any of the answers!

Can you identify these 9 Arboretum Babies? Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the answer key!

quiz. Can you guess what these babies will grow into?


Download the activity booklet created by our Interpretive Naturalist Intern, Alexandra Kocher, and print it off for instant fun!

some of the activities for kids at The Arboretum

Click below to download the pdf.


Ready to find out the quiz answers? How many did you guess correctly?

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quiz answers

Top row (left to right): American Robin (eggs), Mourning Cloak Butterfly (caterpillar), Silver Maple (Maple Keys)

Middle row (left to right): White-tailed Deer (fawn), Dragonfly (nymph), Snapping Turtle (hatchling)

Bottom row (left to right): Green Frog (Tadpole), Dogwood (Berries), Mosquito (larva)


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