Wednesday Noon and Night Walks

Posted on Monday, May 29th, 2017

Wednesday Noon and Night Walks

Join us on Wednesdays for one or both of our Wednesday Walks.

Jason begins his walks at 12:15 p.m. at the Arboretum Kiosk (at The Arboretum's campus entrance).  The walk is approximately 50 minutes long.

Rachel's Wednesday Night Walk begins at 7 p.m. at the J.C. Taylor Centre and runs until 8:30 p.m.  The fee is $2 per person (children under 5 years old are free).  Topics for each week can be found on our "Tours" page under the "Education and Events" tab.  Here is a listing of the walks for June:

Pollinator Parade (June 7) - Bees tend to get all the credit when it comes to the topic of pollination. However, there are many other significant pollinating insects and animals that go unnoticed. Let’s give them the attention and appreciation they deserve this Wednesday as we explore the importance of pollinator diversity.

Arboretum Creek Creatures (June 14) - Throw on a pair of rubber boots, grab a net and come “dive” into the Arboretum Creek! We will be catching, identifying and studying the plants and creatures living in the creek. This hands-on workshop is a part of the 2017 2Rivers Festival - check out their website ( for more fun, friendly and free events!

Nature Art (June 21) - Nature is constantly changing and that is something Andy Goldsworthy captures in each of his creations. Using only natural materials he creates sculptures and art within different landscapes that overtime change, decay and disappear - just like all of Mother Nature’s masterpieces. This Wednesday, come channel your inner Andy Goldsworthy and let the forest be your canvas. We will be using materials found throughout The Arboretum to create temporary nature inspired masterpieces. No art background is required!

Whose Nose Knows (June 28) - There are a lot of scents that we associate with summer: the pleasant, earthy smell after rain, fresh cut grass, blooming lilacs, and sunscreen lotion. The human nose can detect one trillion different odours - the nose knows more than we think! Come join us as we get nose-y and investigate the different ways that animals smell the world.

The Wednesday Night Walks run until the end of August.

For more information, please call The Arboretum at (519) 824‑4120 extension 52113 or 52363.

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