Disc Golf

photo of Acer Disc Golf sign

The Arboretum / University of Guelph Disc Golf Course is in The Maple Collection across from the R. J. Hilton Centre. To obtain further information on the course, please contact the Athletics Department, University of Guelph.

More information can be found on the Athletics website.  A map of the course can be found by clicking here.

Disc Golf COVID-19 Rules

  1. Sign-up for a tee time at this link: https://bit.ly/acerteetimes
  2. Do a COVID self-assessment before coming to The Arboretum
  3. Keep physical distance of 6 feet
  4. Bring hand sanitizer with you
  5. Maxiumum 4 players per group
  6. Do not approach the tee until it is clear of others
  7. Do not touch the equipment of others
  8. Only one disc in the basket at a time
  9. Retrieve disc out of basket only touching your disc
  10. Any trash carried in must be carried out
  11. No congregating in the parking lot before or after play
  12. Do not damage any plants, trees, or equipment

If you are sick or have come in contact with someone who has COVID you may NOT play. These rules must be followed to keep the course open.