The Arboretum contains wildflowers that are natural to our area as well as those that have invaded our site.  Plus, our gardens contain a lot of spectacular species as well.  In the spring, Victoria Woods is full of White Trilliums as well as Trout Lilies, Red Trilliums, Jack-in-the –Pulpits, False Solomon’s Seal and Blue Cohosh.  In the summer, our gardens are a palette of colour to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and humans!  In the fall, we have lovely fields of goldenrod, a beautiful yellow plant that is wrongly blamed for hayfever.  In the winter the blooms are dormant, but many of their stalks are visible and their seeds feed our winter birds.

Species Lists : 

To see our lists of wildflowers as well as trees, lichens, fungi, birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish, please go to our Arboretum Biodiversity page. We update these lists periodically.


We offer many courses on perennials, wildflowers and gardening.  Check them out on our workshop page.


We sell a Spring Woodland Wildflower booklet to help you identify our early blooming forest flowers.  Go to the booklet page for details.


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Here are some lists of the plants in our gardens to help you choose what might work well for your yard: