Automatically Generated Summons Notification

Message Content

From: Ontario municipal court <> 

 Subject: Automatically Generated Summons Notification 
Summons To The Defendant 
 Filed On 2018/5/15 13:43 KST 
 - A Legal Proceeding Has Been Commenced Against You By The Plaintiff 
 - You Now Have 13 Days After Receiving This Summons To File An Answer With The Court And Serve A Copy On The Other Party Or Take Other Lawful Action With The Court. 26 Days If You Were Notified Outside Of Province. 
 - If You Do Not Answer Or Take Other Action Within The Time Allowed, Judgment May Be Entered Against You . 
**** Notice To Defendant **** 
- We Are Notifying You Of The Hearing Date And Time Of This Case By Documents |Provided In The Attachment . 
-If The Defendant Will No Appear In Court, A Default Judgment May Be Entered Against 
The Defendant For The Relief Sought By The Plaintiff. 
You Must Read And Print Attachment And Follow The Instructions Shown Therein. 
 *****This Is An Automatically Created Summons Notice, Do Not Reply ***** 


In this message the spammer is trying to persuade you to open the attachments that came with the email. They are hoping for the user to react quickly and open the attachment without a second thought. Whenever it comes to email attachments you should always be very cautious, even if the message seems to be from someone you know and trust you should still be cautious as that user may be compromised. If you are unsure of a message with an attachment you can always forward it to where we will be happy to look at the message for you.