What are the benefits of using the CCS shared FootPrints software?

  • You do not have to manage your own call tracking application or server.
  • You can use all the FootPrints features available on the central FootPrints server.
  • You will have complete control over your own project’s configuration.
  • CCS will support your unit's use of FootPrints. 

What are the benefits to your group?

  • Issue Tracking: Record and follow the progress of every problem or request through to completion. All issues/requests are given a unique ID for tracking.
  • Customized Project Fields: Customize your issue tracking form to suit your unique needs and workflow.
  • 2- way email: Capture all email correspondence and update tickets through email using FootPrints 2-way email communication.
  • Master/subtask relationships: Create one master task that will automatically create several related subtasks.
  • Manage your own Project: Groups will be given the autonomy of managing their own FootPrints workspace so that it is customized to their unique needs.
  • User Assignment: Assign your users to work on issues and track their progress.
  • E-mail Alerts and escalations: Rules may be created for e-mail notifications and escalations to support any business processes.
  • Customized Views: Group administrators can define shared views, while individual users can create personalized views to improve their efficiency. Users can view issues assigned to them as well as a summary of all active and closed issues. Users may also view RSS feeds from external sources.
  • Searching: Provides extensive search capabilities, including full text.
  • Reporting: Provides over a dozen pre-defined reports, including historical tracking, as well as customizable reporting.
  • Time Tracking: Calculate total time spent on individual tasks so that future resource requirements may be accurately assessed.
  • Knowledge bases: Allows users to create knowledge bases containing tips and solutions. Easily turn a resolved issue into a knowledge base solution.  Each workspace may have it's own Knowledge base.
  • Create Global Issues: Allows a wide-spread problem to be broadcast to users and consolidated so that all individual issues are linked to it.
  • ITIL Compatible: "ITIL Wizard" for easy creation of full IT Service Management framework with no custom programming.
  • Calendar: Each workspace may configure its own separate calendar that will link to tickets so that work may be scheduled if needed.