Publishing Content

To publish your content, you will need to connect to the server by using SFTP or SSH. The SFTP host, login credentials and directory are the same for all SFTP and SSH clients.


Note:  You can use any SFTP client to access the server. 

To connect to the server:

  1. Open your SFTP client
  2. In the Host field, enter
    1. In the Protocol list, select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol using (SSH2)
    2. In the Logon Type: select Normal
    3. In the User field, enter the organization’s Central Login ID.
    4. In the Password field, enter the organization’s Central Login password.
    5. Connect.

    After the connection is established, most SFTP clients will display the contents of two directories: the Local Site located on your local computer, and the Remote Site located on the University server.

    Change the path information on the Remote Site to either the staging area (/stage/foldername) or the production area (/production/foldername).


Dreamweaver 8 and Higher

  1. Go to File / Site / New Site
  2. Select on the Advanced tab
  3. Click on Remote Info
  4. Enter the following information:

NOTE: replace foldername with your folder name

  • Access: FTP
  • FTP Host:
  • Host Directory:
    -Production Server: /production/foldername
    -Stage/Development Server: /stage/foldername
  • Login: <Your Organizational Account Login ID>
  • Password: <Organizational Account Password>
  • Use Secure FTP (SFTP): Checked
Please note: earlier versions of Dreamweaver (before version 8) will not work. You must upgrade or use another SFTP client.


Most Contribute users will be provided with a connection key by their site administrator, however to create a connection with Contribute directly:

  1. Choose My Connections from the Edit menu
  2. Click the Create button, then Next
  3. Enter the URL for your website (
  4. From the "How do you connect to your web server?" pull down menu, choose Secure FTP (SFTP)
  5. Enter in the field for SFTP server
  6. Enter your Organizational Central Login ID user name and password in the SFTP Username and SFTP Password fields
  7. The next page in the connection wizard asks "On the SFTP server, what folder contains your website?"

    -If you are connecting to your staged content enter /stage/foldername/
    -If you are managing production content enter /production/foldername/

  8. The next pages in the connection wizard ask for your full name, email address and your Role. If an administrator has not been set up you may choose this role, otherwise choose another role from the list provided.


Secure Shell (SSH)

  1. Start an SSH session by using a SSH client such as Putty
  2. Login in with the following:
  3. After you login you will be located in the Home Directory for the Central Login ID you used to authenticate. You will change to your directory by:
    cd /production/foldername or cd /stage/foldername


Develop, Test, Deploy

Applications must be fully tested on the stage server before they are moved to production.