Web Traffic Reports

Transition to Google Analytics

CCS recommends the use of Google Analytics for web traffic statistics as of January, 2011. You can use a uoguelph.ca account for this service, since Google Analytics will accept any valid email address.  We recommend that you do not use a personal account if the website is for a department or unit; use an Organizational Account to allow others in your department or unit to access your Google Analytic reports.  In addition to signing up for Google Analytics, you will also need to include some JavaScript on your website pages; using Google Analytics will be easier if your website uses templates or a Content Management System.  If you have a Drupal site built by CCS Web Solutions, it is very simple to use Google Analytics.

If we can assist you with using Google Analytics on your website, please let us know by contacting the CCS Help Centre.  


Th following information will no longer be relevant after 2011.  


Legacy Web Traffic Reporting Service

New clients are not being accepted for this service; CCS is planning the end of this service and now recommends the use of Google Analytics for web traffic statistics.  We will provide additional information about the end of this service as it is available.  If you have any questions about the end of this service, please contact the CCS Help Centre.

Clients who currently use the Legacy Web Traffic Reporting Service will be contact by CCS about transitioning to Google Analytics.  CCS recommends Google Analytics for all our web hosting clients.

CCS uses a product called Summary to offer Web Traffic Reports to organizational website who have subscribed to the service. The web traffic reports will help understand how your website is being used and how you can attract more users.

Some of the information provided on visitors is: country of residence, browser, operating system, search engine used, keyed search words used for visitors. Website information provided consists of: number of visitors and hits, visit length, bandwidth usage, referring site, exiting page, broken links, popular: pages, downloads, file types, directories & graphics, peak: hour, day, week and month.

These weekly reports are updated and generated every Monday morning. Four weeks of history are provided at a time, so the older data is discarded.

Requesting Traffic Reports

New clients are not being accepted for this service.

Viewing Traffic Reports

To view your web traffic report or the traffic reports of other websites in the U of G domain, go to:


Understanding the Reports

Website traffic reports provide only an approximate picture of how your site is being used, so it's important to be careful about drawing inferences from them. Generally speaking, if your site is used mainly by people on campus, the reports should give you a fairly accurate indication of how many visitors you are getting, and what people are looking at. If your site is used mainly by visitors from the rest of the world, the reports may be less accurate. 

Additional Help

For more specific information about the statistics offered in the reports, browse the Summary Manual. Online help is available for web traffic reports; look for the question mark icon.