Gryph Gmail

This information will no longer be relevant after June 18, 2017.  All undergraduates will have their Gryph Mail accounts migrated from Google to Microsoft Office 365. For more information visit the Office 365 website.







 Google apps icon of letter in envelope. The letter has a capital 'M' printed on it.

Gryph Gmail is the University of Guelph's email service for undergraduate students with 30GB of email storage!

The familiar folder structure of other email providers is replaced with labels in Gryph Gmail. Messages are shown in conversation view by default, but this can be changed to message view in the Settings and a preview pane can be added for viewing messages without leaving the inbox.


Accessing your Email

Access your Gryph Gmail by signing in at You will first be redirected to a U of G Single Sign On page to enter your central login id and password (please do not enter your full email address, only your username). You can also log in through any Google sign in page. In this case you would enter your full email address and wait to be redirected to our Single Sign On page to enter your central login id and password.

Organizational accounts (e.g. student club emails) are not on Google Apps for Education but utilize Gryph Mail (the Zimbra platform). When you login to you will be automatically redirected to the appropriate mail system. To access both email systems at once, open the URL in two different browsers (eg. Firefox and Chrome).

Forwarding Messages to Another Account

Please note that your email address will be the official communication between yourself and the university, though it is possible to forward received emails to another address. 

For returning students: Mail sent to your email address will automatically be forwarded to your new address for one year. The only exception is that if you send an email from your address to your address, it will not show up. If you wish to test the forward, send the test email from an alternate email address.

Help & Support

For more information, please see Google's support pages. Help pages for some common tasks are listed below: