Voice Mail

Activate Voice Mail

Computing and Communications Services (CCS) supplies you with a voice mailbox ID which will be the same as your assigned phone extension. Your initial PIN will be 12369. You will be required to change your PIN the first time you access voice mail.


  • The PIN you choose must be at least five characters long.
  • The digits are not all the same (for example, 99999).
  • The digits are not consecutive (for example, 23456 or 54321).
  • The password is not the same as the primary extension that is assigned to the user.
  • Spells their first or last name, their organization or company name, or any other obvious words.
  • Contains their primary extension.
  • Is the reverse of their primary extension or contains the reverse of their primary extension.
  • Uses the same digits more than twice in a row (for example, 900012).
  • Is a 1-digit increment of a previous password (for example, 20185 to 20186).
  • Contains fewer than three different digits (for example, 18181). 
  1. Select the messages softkey.
  2. Enter the initial PIN: 12369

  You will then be asked to:

  1. Record your name
  2. Record greeting
  3. Set a new PIN (minimum 5 digits )

Note: More information on accessing voice mail.

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  • Easily accessible from any phone on campus or off campus.


  • Automatic insertion of sender 's phone or mailbox number
  • Reply to sender

User Friendly Phone Interface

  • Voice message delivery options, e.g., normal, urgent or specify future delivery
  • Message management capabilities, mark messages as new, old, expired or deleted
  • Playback message options, e.g., skip forward, replay, pause, reply to sender or forward
  • Message review, re-record and append options

Message Alerts

  • Message Waiting Indication (the lamp lights and the new mail icon flashes on the phone display when a new message is received)

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Check Messages

From campus on your own phone

Press the messages softkey then enter your PIN when prompted. If the messages softkey is unavailable, press the menu button then select messages.

From a residence phone that's not your own

Press the messages softkey, then the * key to access your mailbox. Please note: your extension number is your mailbox ID.

From a non-residence phone on campus

Dial extension 74000. Press the * key to access your mailbox. Please note: your extension number is your mailbox ID.

From off-campus

Dial 519-824-0022 and then enter 74000. Press the * key to access your mailbox. Please note: your extension number is your mailbox ID.

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Message Shortcuts

Press 1 to play new messages or press 3 to review old messages. Use the following keys to manage your messages or control playback.

Key Task
1 Play message
2 Save
3 Delete
4 Slow playback
5 Change playback
6 Fast playback
7 Rewind
8 Pause or resume
9 Fast-forward
## Skip to next message

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Change PIN

You can change your PIN as often as you wish.

  1. Log On
  2. Press 431 and follow voice prompt instructions

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Record Personal Greetings

You can record up to two personal greetings that callers hear when you are not available to take calls. Voice Mail plays your greeting for the applicable situation:

Standard greeting: when you enable the Standard Greeting, this greeting plays during normal business hours (For example, "You have reached, name, at extension 5xxxx, I am unable...")

Alternate greeting: when you enable the Alternate Greeting, this greeting plays to indicate special circumstances, such as when you are on vacation. (For example, “I will be away until...”) The system will remind you when this greeting is active.

When activating your alternate greeting the system will provide you with an option to enter an expiration date. Once expired the standard greeting will become active. This may be used when leaving for a set time i.e. vacation.

Closed greeting: this feature is not available, you may be able to record this greeting, however, it will not be active.

  1. Log On
  2. Press 41 and follow voice prompt instructions
    ** Note: If you record a standard greeting only, the generic system greeting will be played for all other greetings.

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Create / Send Message

Instead of calling someone you can use this feature to create a message and then send it to one or more voice mail box users. See Distribution Lists for creating lists of frequently used mailbox numbers.

  1. Log On
  2. Press 2 and follow voice prompt instructions

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Forward Message

  1. Log On
  2. After hearing message, press 5 and follow voice prompt instructions.

Please note: whenever you forward a message, the original date and time of that message is not forwarded; the date and time heard will be when the message was forwarded. You can include the original date and time in your introduction to the forwarded message.

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Reply to Message

When another voice mail user leaves or sends you a message, you can reply to the sender without calling their phone. If the message was sent to you and other people, you can reply to them as well as to the originator.

  1. Log On
  2. After hearing message, press 4 to reply only to sender, or press 42 to reply to sender and all recipients

Please note: If after listening to a message and you want to speak immediately with the person who left the message, use the Call Sender feature to automatically dial the on-network number that called you. After hearing the message, press 44.

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Set Special Delivery Options

When you create messages, you can tag them:

  • Urgent to announce an urgent message
  • Return receipt to notify you that the recipient has received your message
  • Private so that the recipient cannot forward the message
  • Future delivery for the date and time you specify
  1. Log on
  2. After creating a message,
    Press 1 for Urgent delivery
    Press 2 for Return receipt request
    Press 3 for Private
    Press 4 for Future delivery

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Distribution Lists

A distribution (private) list is a list of frequently used mailbox numbers. The voice messaging system can provide up to 25 private lists for each mailbox. Each list can contain an unlimited number of addresses. Follow these steps to establish a group list:

  1. Log in to your mailbox
  2. Press 4 (Setup) + 2 (Message Settings) + 4 (Edit Private Lists)
  3. Press 2 (Change Names)
  4. Enter the List Number (1 through 25)

Follow the options presented to setup your list:

  • Press 1 to add names to your list.
  • Press 2 to review the current names in the list, and delete names.
  • Press 3 to re-record the name of the list. (Accounting, Meeting, etc.)
  • Press 0 for help

Once you have completed the setup of your distribution list in the voicemail system, you can send messages to the list. Follow the steps on how to send a message in voicemail. When prompted, enter the extension of the message recipient or enter the number of the list (1-25). The voicemail system will automatically detect that you wish to send the message to your defined private list.

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