ResNet Unsupported Devices

Residents may decide to bring network devices other than their computer to campus. Please review the following important information. We will assume that you are aware of your responsibilities regarding unsupported devices if you connect them to the network.


The use of personal wireless routers in residences is prohibited, as they interfere with the signal of the University provided access points.

Unfortunately, to provide you with the best wireless security we can not support the use of routers in any residences. This means that any device that does not support the WPA2 Enterprise secure protocol and can’t join UofG’s wireless network, will require a direct connection via ethernet cord or may be able to connect to our guest wifi network.

If you are trying to connect multiple devices to a direct connection, please see our guide on connecting multiple devices to ResNet.

Wireless Printers

Wireless printers must be connected to your computer or laptop through a hardwire printer cable.

They are not permitted to be used on the WiFi network as they interfere with the signal of the University provided access points.

Online Game Equipment and Smart Devices

Individuals may choose to bring devices such as an Xbox, Playstation, streaming devices or smart TVs to campus for their entertainment. CCS will not support the setup of these devices but we will assist in trying to get a device connected to our network (wired or wireless).

You can check if your device will work on our Secure Wifi network, the device will need to have WPA2 Enterprise capabilities. If the device does not have WPA2 Enterprise capability, please check the information below on alternatives to connect your device. This is best effort support and we cannot guarantee to get every device type connected in residence.  

How to Connect 

If the device does not have WPA2 enterprise capabilities, you can try to connect it one of two ways:


  • Connect the device directly to the ethernet jack.

  • The device may be detected and recognized by our network, and will get an internet connection.

  • If the device has a browser, you will get a resnet login screen, which you can log into with your central login ID and password.

  • If the page does not appear automatically, you can enter the URL manually:


  • Connect the device to the uog-guest-wifi network.
  • If the device is recognized by the network, it will connect to the internet.
  • If the device does not connect, you can contact us at x58888 or email