Connecting to 'uog-wifi-secure' On Windows XP with JoinNow

  1. Go to and Select the 'JoinNow' button.


  2. Select the "JoinNow" button.


  3. If a message bar appears right click on it and select 'Download file'


  4. Select 'Run' and download the file.


  5. Once The download completes you will see a security warning (below) select 'Run'


  6. The JoinNow tool will open. You may see a message to update drivers click 'next'. If you see this message and are unable to connect you may need to update your drivers, help can be found at the contacts below.


  7. Enter your UoG central login and password , Select 'Next'.


  8. Watch the tool connect and accept the certificate.


  9. You are now connected, enjoy the WI-FI!


If you are experiencing issues, feel free visit the It Help Desk on the first floor of the library, or call us at 519-824-4120 x58888