Laptop or Desktop

There are pros and cons to both a desktop and a laptop, again the decision is yours. There has been a substantial increase in laptop use on campus in the last two years and there are more wireless locations available on campus now.

It is important to recognize the additional security concerns of a laptop. If you do decide to purchase one, bring a laptop lock to help keep your laptop secured to your desk or public workspace.

Laptops Pros

  • Mobile
  • Can take advantage of wireless service where available on campus
  • Fits in a bag
  • Allows you to take your work and favourite applications wherever you go
  • Frees up desk space for other things

Desktop Pros

  • Typically more bang for buck in terms of CPU power, ram and disk space over laptops
  • Larger keyboard
  • Doesn't run out of battery power
  • Less chance of getting stolen or lost
  • Can be upgraded easily for longer life span
  • Can hook up lots of peripherals

Laptop Cons

  • Can be more expensive
  • Battery life is finite so need a plug in
  • Can be heavy, too
  • Not easy to upgrade
  • More chance of becoming damaged or lost

Desktop Cons

  • Takes up more space
  • Not portable