Migrating Your iOS Notes App to Office 365

If you store important information within the Notes App on your iPhone or Mac, it is very likely that this information is linked to your legacy Gryph Mail (Google) account and will be lost following the migration (or when you eventually lose all access to this account). Please back up this information using the instructions below. 


The Notes app is offered in Apple products such as iPhone and Mac. Users can input and edit content in Notes which then syncs to your email account or backup drive like iCloud. 

If you have the Notes app connected to your legacy Gryph Mail account (Google) you must migrate this information to another location in order to keep your contents after the Office 365 migration. 




Two options are available to backup your Notes in Google Gryph Mail:



Is your Notes app connected to your Google Gryph Mail? 

Backup your Notes app in your iPhone by syncing them into iCloud or to another email account. Here are the easy how-to steps to transferring your Notes. 







1) Go to Notes in your iPhone 









2) Click Gmail Notes (if this screen does not show directly, click the back arrow until you reach this page)










4) Select Edit









5) Select the notes you want to move. And then click Move to...












6) Select Notes folder found under iCloud 





Your Notes from your Gryph Mail account should now be migrated into your Notes in iCloud  



Follow the steps below to transfer the items in your Notes folder in Google Gryph Mail to Office 365 with your Mac:


Step 1: Set-up "Notes" with your Office 365 account

  • Open the Notes application on your Mac 
  • Click on "Notes" on the toolbar and click on "Accounts..."



  • You will be given a choice on what account you want to add to your Mac. Select "Exchange"



  • Enter your University of Guelph Office 365 email (username@uoguelplh.ca) and password 



  • Make sure "Notes" is one of the applications selected to be used with the Account and then select 'Done'



You have now set up "Notes" with your Office 365 account.


Step 2: Move your Gmail Notes to Office 365 

  • Open the Notes application on your Mac 
  • Go to your Gmail Notes 



  • Select the Notes in the Google Gryph Mail folder and with your mouse, drag the selected Notes to your Exchange "Notes" folder (or what you named your Office 365 notes folder).