Cloud Hosting for Drupal and WordPress at University of Guelph

Posted on Friday, July 19th, 2019

Starting in 2019, the CCS Web & Development Solutions team at the University of Guelph partnered with Pantheon, a website platform-as-a-service company, to host U of G Drupal websites in the cloud. Pantheon’s hosting environment and workflow tools help us simplify resource-intensive activities like maintenance and patching, enabling a keener focus on client-centric initiatives such as augmenting feature functionality and solving business problems.

As of July 2019, CCS is using Pantheon to host more than 100 Drupal and WordPress websites more smoothly and efficiently than ever before. Pantheon’s performance-tuned environment immediately cut web page load times in half, and Pantheon’s website dashboard allows us to easily monitor all websites in the service centrally, and push security patches very quickly when necessary.

As CCS sets out to transition to a cloud-first approach to IT, we saw website hosting as an early opportunity to learn and innovate. Pantheon’s excellent onboarding and professional services teams helped us succeed. We look forward to continuing the partnership!