Enhancing Student Experience with U of G Virtual Labs

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2020

Computer labs on campus often contain software programs that area critical for hands-on learning in certain courses. With the pandemic limiting physical access to these labs, it became a priority for campus IT partners to find a workable solution. 

Thanks to their fast and thorough work, U of G now has three solutions in place: 

  • Azure Lab Services: this cloud-based solution allows computer-based training to be delivered by invitation to students using virtual computers. This solution is appropriate for specialized classes that have an online training component but do not require connectivity to on-campus resources. CSAHS has successfully implemented this solution for some of their teaching labs.

  • Azure Windows Virtual Desktops: this cloud-based solution meets more complex requirements when connectivity to on-campus resources (e.g., licenced servers) is required. This solution is the cloud-based equivalent of a computer laboratory. It can be used for student labs and for a “drop-in” lab type of service.

  • LabStats Remote Access Dashboard: this tool lets users safely connect to McLaughlin Library computers (MacOS or Windows) and their wide range of academic and professional software. This program is also being used to allow RDP access to physical computers in the CBS and CPES labs, and CSAHS is using this for their drop-in facility. Students can use this option to get secure and remote access to powerful software programs from off campus.

For more information, please contact the CCS Help Centre

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