Backing Up Your Office 365 OneDrive Files

Undergraduate Students who have previously signed up for an Office 365 account using their email address will no longer have access to this account after the Office 365 migration, taking place June 17/18, 2017.  During the migration process, a second Office 365 account will be created for you. This account will be associated with your new email address, and will use your Central Login ID and password (Single Sign-on) for authentication.  

In preparation for the migration, users who are storing files in OneDrive using their current ( Office 365 account will need to back up this data prior to June 17th, 2017. After the migration is complete, you will then be able to restore this data to your new Office 365 account ( 

Forgot to backup your OneDrive files saved in your old Office 365 account? Contact the CCS Help Centre (519-824-4120 x58888 or

There are two options for backing up your OneDrive data listed below. Please choose the option that best fits the amount of data you have stored in OneDrive.

Option 1: Download your files through a Web Browser

This option is recommended for users with minimal data to backup (less than 1GB). OneDrive files will be downloaded as a .zip file to your computer.

Instructions for Downloading OneDrive Files through a Web Browser

Option 2: Sync your files locally using the OneDrive Sync Client 

This option is recommended for users who have a greater amount of data (more than 1GB) stored in OneDrive. The OneDrive Sync Client keeps track of which files are synced and will resume syncing your files if your network connection is interrupted.

OneDrive Sync Client Instructions for Windows

OneDrive Sync Client Instructions for Mac

For assistance, please contact the CCS Help Centre at x58888 or