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July 12, 2019

Traffic signs signalling no! no! no!


July 12, 2019

You may have heard an exasperated parent yell a negative phrase like: “No! No! No!”, “Don’t touch!”, “Stop that!”, “Never do this again!”, or “Let go!”   Signs often function in this same negative way too: “No Trespassing.”, “Keep Out”, “Wrong Way”, “Danger!”, “Do not pick up hitchhikers” or my favourite: “Caution, this sign has sharp edges”. 


November 30, 2015

Updated AUP Approved July 20, 2020

The AUP (full name University of Guelph Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology) defines the acceptable use and breaches of acceptable use of information technology resources at the University.  The policy applies to anyone who uses or accesses any IT resource belonging to, or under the control of or in the custody of, the University of Guelph.