Mathematics & Statistics

Undergraduate Programs in Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematical Economics Major and Co-op (B.A)

Develop your aptitude for mathematics by considering its application to economic problems. Mathematics is an invaluable element of economic analysis and has opened up large areas of inquiry. These areas include problems involving consumer behaviour, the interactions among producers as they compete for market share, macroeconomic outcomes such as inflation and unemployment, and international trade and competitiveness. Courses in mathematics, statistics, economics and econometrics will sharpen your analytical skills for a career in industry, government or graduate work, and will provide a solid understanding of social policy issues and government actions

Sample Careers

  • Consumer behaviour analyst
  • Forensic economist
  • Statistician
  • Insurance actuary

Mathematical Science Major (B.Sc.)

Choose your own area of emphasis in economics or computer science, and individualize your major in mathematical science by applying mathematical reasoning and statistical analysis. You will benefit from a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics, and your studies will be enhanced by the personal involvement of faculty, who will passionately share their expertise and interests in a variety of research ideas. From the pricing of future contracts to the optimization of manufacturing processes, mathematics and statistics play important roles in many fields of study; you will find yourself prepared for a wide variety of rewarding career opportunities.

Sample Careers

  • Actuary
  • Digital artist
  • Financial analyst
  • Industrial or business planner
  • Statistical consultant

Graduate Programs in Mathematics & Statistics

  • MSc
  • PhD


  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Statistics

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