Study Abroad Options

Semester Abroad Programs

Semester Abroad programs are formal University of Guelph semesters conducted overseas that are organized by the Centre for International Programs and a Guelph faculty member who acts as coordinator. The Semester Abroad Coordinator travels with the students overseas and arranges accommodation, field trips and courses. Students pay Guelph tuition and fees.

Student Exchange Programs

Find out how to study at one of our 100+ partner universities in over 30 countries.

Summer Exchange Programs

Several of our partner universities offer either a full summer semester or short-term summer programs.

Summer Field School Programs

A field school is a program that includes one or more courses that are taught off-campus. Field schools combine academics with hands-on experiential learning “in the field,” allowing students to incorporate what they are learning in class with their international location.

Letter of Permission

If you would like to attend a specific university that Guelph does not have an exchange agreement with, you can do what is called a Letter of Permission (LOP). A Letter of Permission gives a student permission from the University of Guelph to take credits at another university and transfer the credits back to their degree at the University of Guelph.