Who Can Drive

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University Owned and Rented Vehicles

Individuals who are eligible to drive under the University of Guelph owned and rental vehicle programs (both within North America and worldwide) include Employees, Graduate students, Undergraduate Students and Volunteers.  Please note that coverage does not include countries that are subject to trade or other economic sanction or embargo by Canada.

All drivers must:

  • be a minimum of 21 years of age for Rental Vehicles (updated August 9, 2022). 
  • have less than 7 demerit points against their license;
  • have a valid drivers license for the type of vehicle they are driving;
  • ensure they are qualified to drive in the province/state in which they are driving; and
  • NOT have a learner's, probationary, graduated license, or motorcycle/moped only license. 
  • Complete and return the following form to Luella Gorgi (lgorgi@uoguelph.ca): 

Faculty & Staff Driver Profile

Student & Volunteer Driver Profile

NOTE:  It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that if they have 7 or more demerits at any point in time OR have had their license suspended or revoked, to contact the Insurance Office.

Drivers involved in a) multiple accidents within a two year period, b) a serious accident, or c) a serious driving infraction while driving on University related business will be reviewed by the Insurance Office.  The results of this review may require the driver to attend a Drivers Safety course in order to continue as a Driver insured under this program or could result in suspension of driving privileges.