Procurement Card Best Practices

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Safeguard Your Procurement Card Information

  • Keep the online account user name and password confidential;
  • Do not provide your PCard information to strangers other than legitimate merchants;
  • Always write down the name of the person you are placing the order with.

Follow Good Record Keeping Practices

  • Keep all the paper trail and documentation in order, check them against the statement monthly;
  • File the documentation with monthly statement in a manner that you can retrieve them easily; 
  • Print out the monthly activity report regardless if your PCard is used or not during the month;
  • Keep all the files in the same place.

Follow Good Reconciliation Practices

  • Always do the reconciliation of your own card;
  • Don't wait until the last day to start reconciling.  Assigning end uses and object codes, and adding comments for transactions can be done any time before the billing cycle closes;
  • If you use your PCard regularly throughout the month, set up your own weekly schedule to reconcile prior to billing cycle closing date;  
  • Book time in advance for reconciliation to avoid schedule conflicts and interruption;
  • Always print out your monthly activity report after the billing cycle closes;
  • Review the entire monthly activity report before signing to make sure nothing is missed;
  • Always have your supervisor to sign off on your monthly activity report.

Keep Your Card Active

  • If you don't use your PCard very often but would like to keep it in good standing, use the card at least once a year.
  • Cards without any activity in a period of 17 months are considered inactive accounts and might be cancelled by US Bank.  

Be Alert to Scams

  • If there is any concern about your card, US Bank will contact you. If they are unable to reach you, they will contact the PCard coordinator.
  • Any email, regardless of how professional or legitimate it may appear (i.e. professional wording, logos or graphics), that requests your account information be resubmitted, updated or reactivated is fraudulent.
  • If you are at all in doubt as to the legitimacy of an email, please contact US Bank customer service 1-800-588-8065.