Best Practices

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Safeguard Your Procurement Card Information

  • Keep the online account user name and password confidential
  • Do not provide your PCard information to strangers other than legitimate merchants
  • Always write down the name of the person taking your order

Record Keeping 

  • Keep all documentation in order, check them against the statement monthly
  • File the documentation with the monthly statement in a manner that they can be easily retrieved


  • Don't wait until the last day to start reconciling.  Assigning end uses and object codes, and adding comments for transactions can be done at any time during the billing cycle
  • Review the entire monthly activity report before approving 

Keep Your Card Active

  • If you don't use your PCard very often but would like to keep it in good standing, use the card at least once a year
  • Cards without any activity in a period of 17 months are considered inactive accounts and may be cancelled  

Be Alert to Scams

  • If there is suspected fraud the bank will contact you directly. If they are unable to reach you, they will contact the PCard Administrator
  • Any email, regardless of how professional or legitimate it may appear (i.e. professional wording, logos or graphics), that requests your account information be resubmitted, updated or reactivated could very well be fraudulent
  • If you are at all in doubt as to the legitimacy of an email, please contact customer service using the number shown on the card