Returning / Cancelling Procurement Card

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PCards are cancelled or returned under the following conditions:

  • Employee termination;
  • When deemed appropriate and necessary by the department budget authorities.

PCard cancellations require the following action:

  • Cardholder's supervisor complete the PCard Change Request form with the department budget authorities;
  • Cardholder's supervisor email the completed PCard Change Request form to;
  • Cardholder's supervisor takes possession of the PCard and destroy it.

Employee Transfer

  • If an employee is transferred to a new department within the University, the employee's PCard should be changed to reflect the unit code of the new department.
  • To make this change, the cardholder's supervisor should complete PCard Change Request form and email to
  • If the employee doesn't need to use the PCard in the new department, the PCard should be cancelled.