Delegation of Authority for Commitment of University Funds Upon Budget Allocation

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Effective Date: August 29, 1986
Signature/Position: Vice-President Administration
Table of Contents
  1. Delegation of Authority for Commitment of Annual Allotment of Budget Funds


Delegation of authority for commitment of university funds upon budget allocation


University funds are allocated in accordance with the Annual Budget submissions as approved and subject to the availability of funds of the University. Pursuant to the allocations of funds to colleges, centres and University service and administrative departments, the commitment of expenditures rests with the Deans, Directors, Chairs and department Heads to whom the budget allocations have been made. 


To set forth the level of approvals required to commit the University to expend funds, perform services, provide advice, information or supply materials. 


  1.  Delegation of Authority for Commitment of Annual Allotment of Budget Funds

    1. The Deans, Directors, Chairs or Department Heads, to whom budget allocation of funds have been made, are delegated the authority to approve any or all commitments to expend allocated funds with the exception of appointments to faculty and professional staff, or where a policy is issued pertaining to specific expenditures which alters or limits the foregoing.
    2. Appointments to faculty and to senior administrative posts with the exception of Deans and Vice-Presidents require the approval of the President of the University.
    3. Appointments to professional staff require the approval of a Dean or Director or other officers as appropriate and the Vice-President in addition to the Assistant Vice-President Human Resources.
    4. Appointments of all other staff require the approval of a Dean, Director, or other officers as appropriate in addition to the Assistant Vice- President Human Resources.
    5. A Chair or Department Head may, delegate signing authority to a subordinate. This delegation must be written and should specify the type of expenditure which may be approved and the maximum amount that may be expended. Written delegations must be forwarded to the Manager of Accounts Payable with a specimen signature of the authorized employee. Should such delegation be advisable, the responsibility will remain with the prime delegate.

Where University policy or procedures require specific levels of approvals, authority shall not be re-delegated without the written approval of the Vice-President Administration, or the Director of Financial and Administrative Services.