Responsibilities of Cardholder's Direct Supervisor

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As the cardholder's supervisor approving the issuance of the card to the cardholder, the supervisor is responsible for verifying proper use and monthly Pcard Expense Report at a timely manner. The approval supervisor is responsible to ensure the use of PCards is in compliance with the University's Purchasing Policy and Procurement Card Policy. While reviewing and approving the report, the supervisor should check the following:

  1. Monthly account activity report has a cycle end date;
  2. Each transaction is reallocated with proper general ledger code;
  3. All supporting documents including but not limited to invoices are provided;
  4. Description of each transaction is provided in the Comments area for each individual transaction;
  5. No transactions are made for:
  • Internal campus purchases, for example, University Bookstore;
  • Travel, accommodations, entertainment and hospitality expenses;
  • Cash advances and ATM withdrawals;
  • Controlled goods/substances such as bio-hazardous and radioactive materials;
  • Live animal - vertebrate purchases;
  • Goods that require a government permit, such as viruses;
  • Purchases that are covered by Blanket Orders and existing Supply Managed Contracts;
  • Personal purchases;

Supervisors have the responsibility to suspend or terminate card privileges in instances of misuse, and notify the PCard coordinator. The PCard may also be suspend or cancel  for violation of the Procurement Card Policy and Procedures.

Supervisor should be aware of the Pcard billing cycle and deadlines. The approval of the P-card expense report should happen within the same month, and the latest should be the end of following month.