Graduate Entrance Awards

See list below of international development related internal entrance awards/scholarships.  We recommend that you search all internal award/scholarship opportunities as there are many others that may apply to you.  To search internal entrance awards, visit the Office of Graduate Studies Graduate Award Search page.  To search external awards, visit the Office of Graduate Studies External Awards page. Click on the headings for each award below for full descriptions and information on how to apply.

Nora Cebotarev Memorial Graduate Scholarship [E8012] (25,000)
International female students from developing countries who have demonstrated a commitment to social change entering either a masters or doctoral program.

Anna and Val Hovanec Scholarship [E8010] (14,000)
Students entering a Masters program offered by CSAHS in an area related to women in rural communities

Sally Humphries and Leo Smits International Scholarship [E5979] (5,000)
This award was established to assist international students with the cost of International student tuition at University of Guelph. Selection is based on the greatest commitment to helping disadvantaged populations through past activities and community engagement, as well as through future commitment as indicated by the summary of the statement of academic intent. Special consideration will be given to applicants who have worked in their home countries improve the lives of local families, especially of women and children.Preference given to Masters’ students.

Harshman Graduate Scholarship in Food Systems [E5948] (5,000)
Students entering a Master’s program in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences who have a minimum average of 80% in the last two years of study and who are working in the area of food systems which may include food distribution, food sustainability, food security, small family farming, local food and rural change.

Lila Engberg Scholarship in International Development [E8005] (4,500)
For full-time masters students entering the collaborative program in International Development Studies with a research agenda in the area of poverty alleviation, economic empowerment of women and/or ways to improve livelihood security for women and families in developing countries.

N.R. Richards Scholarship [E5161] (4,000)
Students entering OAC who are planning to pursue graduate studies in land resource use and/or rural planning and development.

Ellen Nilsen Memorial Award [E5847] (1,500)
International female students from developing countries entering either a masters or doctoral program who have demonstrated a commitment to social change.

J. Alden and Isobelle McLean Scholarship [E5614] (1,200)
Students who are entering the area of Rural Extension Studies, the School of Rural Planning and Development or the Rural Studies doctoral program, and who will be conducting research in rural community development.

Earnest Austin Weir Memorial Scholarship [E5195] (1,200)
Entering graduate students in the areas of Land Resource Science, Rural Extension Studies, and Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Landscape Architecture and Rural Planning and Development who have at least a 'B+' average and will be conducting research on sustainable rural community development