Post-graduate Studies

University Graduate Programs

IDS students have pursued graduate studies in both interdisciplinary and disciplinary programs in universities in Canada and abroad.

Interdisciplinary programs

IDS graduates generally have the requirements to apply to interdisciplinary graduate programs in international development or related fields of study (e.g. rural/urban planning, environmental studies, human rights, international affairs/relations, refugee studies, etc).

Discipline-based programs

Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in specific disciplines (e.g. Economics or Anthropology) may require additional courses at the undergraduate level to satisfy admission requirements.

Where to go for information on graduate studies

Talk to faculty advisors and professors. Faculty members can offer helpful advice and are often aware of graduate schools in their area of study.

Office of Graduate Studies (U of Guelph)
See the section on Future Students (About graduate studies) where you will find general principles useful for students interested in graduate studies at Guelph and elsewhere.

Graduate Studies: A Practical Guide, published by the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS), November 2012

Visit the Further Education section of the Co-operative Education and Career Services (CECS) website and speak to a Career Advisor in person. CECS is located on Trent Lane (behind Rozanski Hall).

Don’t delay! Every institution and/or program will have its own specific admission requirements and application deadlines. Therefore, do your research as early as possible on the programs that interest you.

Advice on how to make life easier for your referees by Dr. Ian Spears.

Some useful websites for graduate programs in Canada and abroad

Graduate studies at the University of Guelph:

Graduate Studies elsewhere:

Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

College Programs