Like international study, volunteering or working in another country can be a great way to complement your studies in international development. Some students look for opportunities abroad while they are students (in the summer or they take a leave from their studies), while others will wait until after graduation.

Planning to volunteer or work abroad?

If so, you should visit the Centre for International Programs (CIP) on-line or in person on the 3rd floor of the University Centre. The CIP can provide resources and useful advice to help you organize your experience abroad. In addition, all students travelling outside Canada on a program in connection with their academic work, research or any other UofG related activity must complete a pre-departure orientation, managed through the CIP. It is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately prepared for your trip.

Internships and other volunteer opportunities

Where to look:

Please note that IDS does not validate or endorse any listings on these websites. They are provided for information only and it is up to individual students and participants to research the programs and services thoroughly before participating.