Campus Safety

Students walking on campus

Ways to stay safe on campus!

 Campus Community Police

The campus community police service is located on campus, and available whenever an emergency occurs.


Is an app with the power to protect you and keep you safe while on campus.  Emergency notifications are received through this app and displayed on your smartphone even when the app is not running.

 Safe Walk

Use the Safe Walk button on any Bell pay phone or the emergency blue pole phones on campus to call student volunteers when walking alone after dark.

 First Response Team

A division of St. Johns Ambulance, this student-run group of volunteers provides on-call and special event medical coverage to the University community. 

 Safety Bulletins

Find out any incidents or personal safety concerns that might be happening on campus.

 Emergency Phone Locations

Find out where emergency phones are located on campus.

 Crime Prevention and Safety Tips

These tips will help you stay safe on campus.

 Student Judicial Services

Get information on judicial matters such as appealing academic or non-academic misconduct, grade reassessment, UGON tickets, and other helpful resources.

 Human Rights & Equity

This office helps support a discrimination-free campus and promotes equality and accessibility.