Classical Yoga for Total Health and Awareness


Celebrate International Day of Yoga 2019 on Friday June 21 from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM on sprawling, quaint, the most beautiful and pictursque Johnston Green at University of Guelph with Classical Yoga for Total Health & Awareness Group. Classical Yoga for Total Health and Awareness group was originally started by Prof. Emeritus and Order of Canada Dr. O.P. Dwivedi, University of Guelph and is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

Please bring a Yoga Mat, a non-plastic Water Bottle and a Yoga Picnic.

International day of Yoga 2019 Celebrations Friday June 21 from 12-2PM

Over the years the Classical Yoga program has been collaboratively facilitated through the efforts of a number of experienced Yogis. Our group has been very fortunate to have 3-5 Certified Yoga Teachers to teach during all these years. This program has run throughout the Year in each of the Fall, Winter and Summer semesters continuously with a break of only one week between the semesters.


De-stress from your work, maintain balance and promote enjoyment through classical yoga every Tuesday from 12-1PM mostly in Peter Clark Hall, University Center.

All who are interested in improving their health, flexibility, strength and wish to lead a balanced, connected (improved relationships), focused, creative (successful), peaceful and joyful life please join this group by emailing No previous experience is required to join these classes.

Classical Yoga is not only about Asanas (postures) – it is also about deeply exploring the breathing, meditative and relaxation dimensions of this practice. This integrated approach moves the practitioner toward balance in all aspects, mental, emotional, physical, social, ecological, of his or her being. By practicing these Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation (and Mudra) techniques an inner awareness develops that gradually carries over into the daily life of the practitioner.


Classical Yoga is a particularly effective and efficient system to not only stretch, tone and develop the muscles but stimulate robust health in all systems of the body.  Regular practice can relieve stress and anxiety and promote mental concentration.

We will practice physical postures to develop strength, flexibility and stamina. We will learn techniques to control breath and develop lung capacity, increase oxygen flow to the brain and reduce tension.

We will leave every session feeling refreshed mentally and physically, equipped with some powerful tools for keeping the body and mind in peak condition.

Classes are FREE! Join With Friends & Colleagues

Classes run on Tuesdays from 12-1 in UC, in Peter Clarke Hall (PCH). The alternative location is UC RM533. Take UC North elevator for UC RM533 just in front of Grad Lounge. 

If you have any questions about this class please contact Lalit Jairath at or call ext. 58673.

Each session will be approximately 50 minutes long. 


Please wear loose-fitting clothes, and bring either your Yoga mat or some sheet/towel to sit on and lie down during Yogic exercises.


 Please do not eat at least two hours before, but if you wish, you may bring water. After yoga, you may have your lunch.

Can I bring a friend? Of course, please do so!