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Study Animals

Improve the lives of animals, who we rely on.

Surround yourself with all-things animals at the University of Guelph. Learn to work with animals in new ways and channel your passion into a rewarding career with diverse options. Your courses, profs, peers and teaching animals will help you learn to use genetics, nutrition, physiology, behaviour, welfare and business to improve the lives of animals, our food chain and the environment.

Why study animals at U of G?

If you’re interested in animals, the University of Guelph is seriously the place to be. It’s consistently ranked as one of the top universities globally for animal science studies.  Our students have a dedicated equine teaching herd, access to state-of-the-art animal research facilities and learn from world-class animal experts.

Our suite of animal-related programs focus on a variety of agricultural, recreational and companion animals. You have the option to explore the animals you love from a variety of focuses (science, sociology, and business). And, in a variety of formats (certificate, apprenticeship, diplomas, and degrees).

9 programs
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13 research centres
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Choose Your Program:

Degree Options

Animal Genetics + Physiology + Nutrition | Dive deep into the science of breeding, feeding and caring for animals. Animal Biology is a major of the Bachelor of Science and is an excellent foundational program for pursing veterinary studies.

Animal Welfare + Housing + Production | Develop a well-rounded understanding of the agri-food system while exploring farm animal nutrition, behaviour, genetics and physiology. Animal Science is a major of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and is an excellent foundational program for pursing veterinary studies. Co-op available. 

Horses + Science + Business | Combine horse biology, physiology and behaviour with marketing and managerial skills to secure a career in the equine industry. Equine Management is a major of the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management and is an excellent foundational program for pursing veterinary studies. Co-op available. 

Agriculture + Animals Choose your own adventure by selecting exactly what animal production and related courses you want to take. Honours Agriculture is a major of the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Co-op available. 

Diploma Options

Learn how science, technology and business come together to enhance animal production operations. The 2-year Associate Diploma in Agriculture is offered at our Ridgetown Campus. Co-op available. 

Learn about horse behaviour, nutrition, handling, health, management, performance, and business. The 2-year Associate Diploma in Equine Care and Management is offered by our Ridgetown Campus. Co-op available. 

Receive the technical training and knowledge required to become a veterinary technician. The Associate Diploma in Veterinary Technology is an accredited program offered at our Ridgetown Campus.

Certificates and Apprenticeships

Gain the skills needed to work in front office administration supporting pets and their owners. The 1-year Veterinary Assistant and Office Administration Certificate is offered at our Ridgetown Campus.

Become a trained dairy herdsperson through this unique apprenticeship program which combines on-farm and in-school training. The Dairy Herdsperson Apprenticeship is offered through our Ridgetown Campus.

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Students interested in studying animals can also check out Marine and Freshwater Biology | Wildlife Biology and Conservation | ZoologyGraduate programs focused on animals at the University of Guelph include Animal Biosciences | Integrative Biology | Pathobiology | Population Medicine | Veterinary Medicine.

What's first year like in Animal Biology?

Hear from Ishan about his first year in the Animal Biology major. 

What's first year like in Equine Management?

Hear from Nina about her first year in the Equine Management major. 

Hoshanah holds up a cat by her face and smiles
I like how likeminded and driven everyone is, and how approachable and helpful the professors and teaching staff are.

Hoshanah Tsui, Undergraduate Student
Animal Science
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John smiles wearing a tie and brown leather jacket
I like the community feel my program has. Starting out undeclared with all of the other B.Sc. (Agr.) students allowed me to meet a lot of peers that share the same classes and interests as me. Some of these peers I have shared courses with throughout university and we have been able to work together on labs and assignments.

Jon Koot, Undergraduate Student
Animal Science
Hear more from Jon

I've been always really strong in science and business and the fact that I didn't have to choose was a huge draw for me. I was able to do both and involve horses, so it was the perfect combination.

Mackenzie Jay
Equine Management, Alumni

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