About Us

At a time when universities are financially strained, it is important to make the best use of all available resources. Through various means, the University of Guelph is supplementing provincial, student and alumni support with funding raised from its own resources, to demonstrate that we are doing our best to optimize the use of the real estate assets we have before we ask others to further assist us. 

To this end, the University is developing selected properties to optimize use of its existing assets for the benefit of the institution. Although some lands have, or will be sold, most will be leased, reserving future options for the University.

In 1986, the University of Guelph created a Real Estate Division, to establish and manage a land development program for its surplus lands. The Real Estate Division reports regularly to the University's Heritage Fund Board of Trustees, and ultimately to the Board of Governors.

The primary goal of the Real Estate Division is "to optimize revenue from selected properties to build the University's Heritage Fund endowment." The University will retain the residual ownership of all lands where practical, except those designated for sale by the Board. The endowment created from land development is inflation protected and used to meet the University's academic objectives.