Improved Applicant Offer Processes

Posted on Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Written by SIS Refresh Team

The Multiple Offers Project will be put into motion in December when the first round of fall 2020 admission applications are adjudicated, and admission offers are prepared and sent to students.

What is the Multiple Offers Project?

In the past, the University of Guelph would only make one offer of admission to the applicant’s highest choice program to which they were admissible, even if they were eligible for additional U of G programs. Beginning with applications for fall 2020 entry, high school applicants will now receive an offer of admission to every program to which they have applied and meet the admissions criteria.

The project impacted several systems, business processes and reporting elements across Admission Services, Student Financial Services, Computing and Communications Services, Institutional Research and Planning and the Guelph-Humber campus. Following an extensive review of those impacts, the departments modified their processes to ensure the success of the Multiple Offers initiative.

Why are multiple offers important?

By providing students with multiple offers, we are enhancing the applicant’s experience and better supporting them in their decision-making process. It is important for applicants to have more choice and flexibility when selecting their ideal program.

The move to multiple offers aligns our practices with many other Ontario universities and elevates our competitive position. Implementing this improvement is also an important part of strategic enrolment management at U of G.

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