Student Planning: Course Enrolment Re-imagined

Students need to consider many factors when selecting their courses, so we are making it easier! The University will be launching an intuitive online tool called Student Planning in early June, in time for Fall 2021 course enrolment.  

Student Planning will have a user-friendly interface that will allow all students to check their program requirements, plan their degree, track their academic progress and enrol in courses. It will have an improved search tool, and students will be able to visualize their course schedule and choose course sections that do not overlap. 

Academic Calendars

The SIS Refresh team is excited to announce that the academic calendars are now on a new platform. Through collaboration across campuses and numerous departments over the past two years, the calendars have a whole new look with improved functionality for all users. 

What has changed? 

  • The modern design is simple to navigate and mobile-friendly, and it blends seamlessly with other University of Guelph and Guelph-Humber websites. 

Transcript Ordering

The need for a new transcript ordering process became increasingly evident in 2020 with the impacts of COVID-19 on in-person services. Before this SIS Refresh project, students could only request an official transcript in person, by mail or by fax because payment information could not be accepted via email due to University policy and PCI compliance. An additional consideration was payment processing, with staff previously required to manually process payments for over 15,000 transcript requests every year.


The University of Guelph has partnered with PayMyTuition on a multiphase project that aims to increase payment flexibility for students and simplify the refund process.    

Curriculum Management and Calendaring

After a successful RFP process, the University is partnering with Leepfrog Technologies to deliver a Curriculum Management and Calendaring solution. This solution will contribute to the wider modernization of our institutional systems by:

Core SIS Modernized and Re-implemented

The SIS Refresh team continues to work towards the implementation of the Student Planning Module. Although a launch date has not yet been set, changes to the configuration of undergraduate student programs within Colleague are required in preparation for implementation. While these configuration changes stem from Student Planning, it is part of a foundational modernization of institutional systems that allows us to implement new features and functionality in Colleague.

SIS Refresh Resources Continue to Support University's COVID-19 Response

Continued support for the University’s response has remained a priority as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the working and learning environment. For the fall semester, implementing enhanced online services and deferral options for incoming students was critical.

Simplifying the Refund Process for Students

The need for online self-service in cases of student refunds became heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the prioritization of the Banking Information project.

SIS Refresh Supporting U of G's COVID-19 Response

As we reach the end of the Winter semester, we hope that you are staying safe and healthy. While the COVID-19 pandemic has created great uncertainty for Fall 2020, we want to assure you that we are continuously working to advance the Student Information Systems Refresh initiative.

Student Planning Rollout Postponed

The Student Planning initiative was initially scheduled to launch this May, in time for Fall 2020 course enrolment; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting reprioritization of SIS Refresh activities, the Student Planning process will not be rolled out this summer.

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