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O.A.C. '55 Scholarships [I0064]

Donor(s):O.A.C. '55
Value:1 award of $1,500
  • In-Course Scholarship Application Form
Deadline:May 15
  • Canadian
  • NonCanadian

Provided by the class of O.A.C. '55. Recipients will have made an outstanding contribution to College life through academic proficiency and participation in extracurricular activities and can be considered to have done the most for the College, for fellow students and in their personal development. Apply by May 15 to the OAC Dean's Office (Awards) with a letter outlining your participation in Class/College/University activities. Awarded in the fall semester.

Students registered in any O.A.C. degree program or students registered in the B.ENG. program that have completed a minimum of 10.0 with at least a 70% cumulative average.