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Lin Coburn Memorial Scholarship [I4539]

Donor(s):Family, Friends, and Colleagues with matching funding through the Ontario Student Opportunities Trust Fund
Value:1 award of $4,000
  • In-Course Financial Need Assessment Form
  • Apply By Letter
Deadline:October 7
  • Canadian-PR-PP

The scholarship will be awarded to the student with highest cumulative average, with a preference given to mature or to a student returning to post-secondary studies after a break of at least 3 consecutive semesters. Apply to Student Financial Services with a completed Financial Need Assessment form by October 7. Students wishing to identify themselves as a mature or returning student may do so by including a letter (maximum 1 page) outlining why they have decided to return to university. ACCESS AWARD.

Students registered in the English major of the Bachelor of Arts program . Additionally, students must meet the government-mandated terms for receipt of an OSOTF award (see General Statements on Awards).