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Scottish Studies Foundation Scholarship [I4541]

Donor(s):Scottish Studies Foundation and private donors with matching funding through the Ontario Student Opportunities Trust Fund
Value:1 award of $4,000
  • In-Course Financial Need Assessment Form
  • Apply By Letter
Deadline:October 7
  • Canadian-PR-PP

Provided with the assistance of the Ontario government's OSOTF program. The recipient will be selected on the basis of the number of and grades in the requisite courses listed as well as overall cumulative average to that point in the student's career. Apply to Student Financial Services by October 7 with a Financial Need Assessment Form (N.A.F.) and attach an unofficial transcript. To be considered for this award, you must list it on your N.A.F. ACCESS AWARD

Students who have completed a minimum 10.0 credits and has taken or is taking HIST*2000 or HIST*2500, and at least one of the following: HIST*3030 ,HIST*3140 , HIST*3530 , HIST*4040, or HIST*4050 . Additionally, students must meet the government-mandated terms for receipt of an OSOTF award (see General Statements on Awards).