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O.A.C. '05 Excellence Travel Grant [T0060]

Donor(s):Class of OAC 1905 and the Class of OAC 2005
Value:1 award of $300
  • Apply By Letter
Deadline:May 15
  • Canadian
  • NonCanadian

In honour of the O.A.C. Class of 1905 and with the support of the O.A.C. Class of 2005. Apply to the O.A.C. Awards Office by May 15 with the submission of a letter of no longer than two pages outlining the intended study program/conference/or other type of learning opportunity, reasons for choosing the program and the anticipated benefits of participation. A letter of recommendation will be considered as part of the application package. This grant in not tenable with other University of Guelph travel grants.

Student who are currently registered in an Ontario Agricultural College undergraduate degree program and wish to travel to expand their educational opportunities.