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HeforShe Ally Scholarship [I1158]

Donor(s):Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics
Value:1 award of $2,500
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Deadline:January 10
  • Canadian
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An ally is someone who consciously commits to disrupting and ending cycles of injustice (Waters, 2010). This award aims to recognize the importance of gender equity and equality by recognizing the achievements of individuals who are committed to achieving equality for all. Apply by January 10th to the LANG Awards Committee: lang.awards@uoguelph.ca with a resume and a response to each of the following questions (max 250 words each): 1. How do you feel your gender identity influences your interactions with the world around you? 2. What specific activities and initiatives have you been involved in that have disrupted and ended cycles of injustice? 3. Why do you feel it is important for everyone to be involved in initiatives that work to increase gender equality? Selection will be based upon the following: 1) Commitment and involvement in activities and initiatives that support gender equality and equity (e.g. volunteering at rallies or gender equality events, starting a new initiative, or contributing to an existing one, in support of gender rights, gender activism); 2) Evidence of their ability to critically reflect on their personal development and position as an ally. The successful recipient will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of being an ally alongside those affected by current gender inequities, and recognize the role intersectionality plays in gender rights; and 3) Evidence of a positive impact on others, the University of Guelph, or the broader community, specifically as it relates to increasing awareness and support of gender equity and equality. In the event of a tie, the student with the highest cumulative average will be selected. Award cannot be held more than once. Waters, R. (2010). Understanding allyhood as a developmental process. About Campus. DOI: 10.1002/abc.20035

Students registered in any program who have demonstrated, through their actions and support of various initiatives, they are an ally and committed to gender equity and equality.