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Mary Edmunds Williams Scholarships [A5096]

Donor(s):The Estate of Mr. Edmund Cecil Williams
Value:up to 7 awards of $10,000 payable over 2 years ($5,000 in the first fall and $5,000 in the second fall)
Awarded:In the fall and the recipient must be registered to receive
  • No Application Required
  • Canadian-PR-PP
  • Non-Canadian-PR-PP

The awards will be paid over two years with the second year of the scholarship requiring academic performance consistent with the requirements for the award and/or the continuing recommendation of the department. Additional scholarships of $5,000 for one year are awarded to PhD students in OAC departments or schools. Students are eligible for consideration. Nominations will be made annually by each department or school to the OAC Awards Committee. Williams awards may be held for a maximum of three years. Preference will be given to students from the counties of Caenarvonshire and Anglesey in Wales. No application is required.

Full-time students entering a PhD program offered by OAC with at least a first-class ('A-') average in previous academic years .