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Graduate Prize for Excellence in French Language Pedagogy [C6072]

Donor(s):Dr. Alena Barysevich
Value:1 award of $1,000
Awarded:At summer convocation
  • Apply By Letter
Deadline:May 1
  • Canadian-PR-PP
  • Non-Canadian-PR-PP

This award was established by faculty within French Studies to recognize excellence in the study of French language pedagogy. Apply by May 1 with a letter, maximum 300 words to The letter should speak to your interest in French language pedagogy, how this subject will be examined in your Major Research Project and the contribution of your MRP to the field. Selection will be based on excellence in French language pedagogy through the students’ interest in and contributions of the major research project to the field. If there are no eligible applicants, the prize will be awarded to the student with the highest grade in FREN*6042 in the previous academic year.

Full-time or part-time students who are graduating in June or who have graduated in the previous winter or fall convocations from the Masters of French Studies program whose major research project focuses on French language pedagogy.