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CSC Tuition Scholarship [E5321]

Donor(s):University of Guelph
Value:up to 6 awards of approximately $5,300, up to 2 awards of approximately $11,300
Awarded:In the fall and the recipient must be registered to receive, In the winter and the recipient must be registered to receive, In the summer and the recipient must be registered to receive
  • Application for Admission
  • Non-Canadian-PR-PP

In support of the agreement between the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the University of Guelph. No application required. Application will be made through the submission of the Recommendation for Admission to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by March 1 of each year. Conditional upon the ongoing funding by the CSC. The scholarship may only be held for up to twelve semesters and will not go beyond these time limits. The two scholarships will be reserved for students whose advisors have minimal research funding (unable to provide GRA funding).

Full-time students who are registered in or have graduated from a master’s program anywhere in China, who have been accepted into full-time doctoral studies and will receive funding from the China Scholarship Council (CSC).