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George W. and Mildred B. Moore Scholarship [I5126]

Donor(s):Dr. G.A.B. Moore
Value:1 award of $1,000
  • Apply By Letter
Deadline:August 15
  • Canadian-PR-PP
  • Non-Canadian-PR-PP

In memory of the late Rev. Dr. George W. Moore and the late Mildred Baker Moore. Apply to the OAC Awards Office ( by August 15 with a letter no longer than two pages outlining your research and your academic achievements. Please include the award name, award ID and your student ID number on your application. Selection will be based on highest academic excellence measured by grades and publications.

Students registered full-time in any OAC Master’s degree program who are working on Indigenous community development projects. Preference given to students who self-identify as First Nation (status and non-status), Métis or Inuit, who are engaged in the Indigenous community either in their home community or at the University of Guelph. Preference will also be given to students registered in the Capacity Development and Extension (CDE) program. If no CDE students apply, preference will be given to student registered in any graduate program offered by SEDRD.