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Dr. Kerry Preibisch Travel Grant [T5963]

Donor(s):Family, friends and colleagues of Kerry Preibisch
Value:1 award of $2,500
Awarded:In the summer and the recipient must be registered to receive, In the fall and the recipient must be registered to receive, In the winter and the recipient must be registered to receive
  • Apply By Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
Deadline:February 1
  • Canadian-PR-PP
  • Non-Canadian-PR-PP

This award was established in memory of Dr. Kerry Preibisch, a respected professor in Sociology and Anthropology and International Development Studies. Students must also demonstrate commitment to creating social impact in their chosen area of study. Submit a CV and an outline of financial expenditures for travel to the CSAHS Awards Committee at by February 1st. Include a letter (maximum two pages) describing the fieldwork or knowledge translation to be conducted while traveling and describe your commitment to creating social impact in your chosen area of study.

Full-time students registered in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences, or in any International Development Studies collaborative graduate program, with plans for domestic or international travel in the upcoming summer, fall or winter semester for the purpose of conducting approved research fieldwork or knowledge translation in the area of social justice. Preference will be given to research that focuses on the health and labour rights of migrant workers, agriculture, rural Canada or agricultural economics, with additional preference to students conducting research in the area of migrant women, especially from Latin America.